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Although relatively small in size compared to other African countries, Malawi is a beautiful country with varied topographical features ranging from high rising plateaux to low lying areas along the lakeshore and the lower Shire area. As such, Malawi wishes to reposition herself as a leading eco-tourism destination in the medium term. Many areas have been earmarked for high quality eco-tourism projects which offer potential investors a lot of opportunities. To encourage investment, Government has the following policies:-

•  Freedom of investment by local and foreign investors in any sector of the economy with no restriction on ownership.

•  Abolition of industrial licences.

•  Simplification of procedures for company formation and business registration.

•  Acceleration of transfer procedures for industrial and commercial land.

•  Development of new industrial sites and new frameworks for private development sites (including sub-leasing).

•  Reduction of taxes and duties.

•  Improving domestic and external transport routes.

•  Adequate availability of foreign exchange.

•  Adequate access to local financing and improved competition in the banking sector.

•  Freedom of investors to employ workers and ready availability of temporary residence permits for expatriate personnel.

•  Continued support for small-scale and medium-scale enterprises through training, and technical and financial assistance.

•  Introduction of additional incentives to encourage export- oriented investment.

•  Expanding the range of bilateral investment agreements to secure protection for investor's assets.

•  Providing access to international arbitration forums to settle disputes amicably.


The Strategic Tourism Development Plan has identified the following areas for eco-tourism development.

Likhubula Falls Eco-Tourism Project

An opportunity exists for construction of twenty-five eco-tourism accommodation units at Dziwe Lankhalamba Pool, at an elevation of 1,000 metres on the western slopes of Mulanje Mountain.

Manchewe Falls

The site is 4 km from the historic Livingstonia Mission in northern Malawi. Investment is needed to construct a two storey eco- lodge with fifteen double rooms.


For more information contact :

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Culture
Private Bag 326,
Lilongwe 3
Tel: +265(0)1 775 499
Fax: +265(0)1 770 650

Malawi Investment Promotion Agency Aquarius House
P/Bag 302
Lilongwe 3
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Tel: +265 (0)1 771 315
Fax: +265(0)1 771 781

Malawi Tourism Association
PO Box 1044, Lilongwe, Tel: +265 (0)1 770 010; +265 (0)1 774 713
Tel/Fax: +265 (0)1 770 131 Cell: +265 (0)888 865 250

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