What is MTA?
The Malawi Tourism Association is a non-profit making organisation registered in 1999 under the Trustees Act of Malawi. It was formed in order to unify the voices of five tourism sub-sector associations:–
Airline Association, Hotel & Catering Trades Association, Car Hire Association, Travel Agents Association and Tour Operators Association.
The Prime Objective of MTA is to provide a platform for all tourism operators in Malawi, with the focal aim of representing the sector's interests both at home and abroad in a unified and professional manner.
The Association also aims at providing Government with a realistic and professional input to policy development and amendments including regulations affecting the tourism sector.

Specific Objectives include:–
To promote the interests of its members
To promote and aid the tourism industry in Malawi
To promote and maintain acceptable standards of members of the Association
To promote, support or oppose legislation affecting the interests of members
To advise, mediate and generally assist members in resolving disputes affecting the interests of members, individually or collectively.
To co-operate with, and make representation to, government departments and any other agency on matters affecting the interests of members.
To encourage and promote the education and training of potential and existing employees iin the industry, with the objective of maintaining and improving the standards of service in the industry.
To pursue any other course of action deemed by the Executive Committee, at the time, to be in the interests of the members of the tourism industry in Malawi

Who May Join?
Travel Agencies
Car Hire
Safari Operators
Tour Guides
Tourism Associated Organisations

Last updated on February 08, 2011