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Car Hire

Andrews Car Hire
P.O. Box 30306,
Lilongwe 3

Tel: +265 (0) 1 755 186
Fax: +265 (0) 1 755 201
Cell:+265 (0) 888 824 962
Mobile:+265 (0) 888 833 127
Mobile:+265 (0) 888 899 268

Andrews Car Hire

Based in Shire Building off Chilambula road in Lilongwe, andrews Car Hire offers its customers a variety of vehicles for hire.

Their fleet includes 4-door Nissan Sunny or similar, 4-door Toyota Camry, 10-seater Nissan Patrol or Pajero, Mazda Twin cab, Isuzu Twin Cab, 10-seater Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota Hilux Surf, 16-seater minibus, 25-seater minibus among others.

For more details contact:

Apex Rent a Car
P.O Box 1132

Tel: +265 (0) 1 754 610/612/615
Fax: +265 (0) 1 751 430

Apex Rent A Car

Are you worried about traveling around Malawi in a rental car? Your concerns and worries are taken care of by providing reliable, regularly serviced, top of the range rental cars in Malawi

Do you want to drive in quality value for money hire cars? Apex Rent a Car is recognized as one of Malawi 's premier car rental and car hire companies. We have been providing quality rental cars for satisfied clients such as government, non-governmental organizations and embassies.

Do you require an off-road vehicle? We are experienced in 4 x 4 vehicles for any off-road destinations, be it the beaches, mountains or game reserves. Your satisfaction is important to us.

We also provide rental minibuses, Trucks.

We do notwant just another customer, but we want to provide quality service for a satisfied customer.



Avis Rent A Car
P.O Box 51059,

Central Reservations
Tel:+265 (0) 1 871 495
Tel:+265 (0)1 870 438

Avis Rent A Car

Avis Rent A Car has its headquarters in Blantyre. We also have two branches in Blantyre, one in Umoyo House in Limbe and the other at Chileka Airport. In Lilongwe we are in Shire House, off Chilambula Road and Lilongwe International Airport.

We have a wide range of vehicles for hire including Toyota Corolla 1300, Corolla 1600, Toyota Camry 2.2 litre, Mercedes Benz, pick ups, 15 and 26 seater Buses, Delivery van and Toyota 4WD vehicles.


For details please contact:

Head Office: Plantation House
Ground Floor,
P O. Box 975

Tel: +265 (0) 1 822434/854/232,
Fax: +265 (0)1 822805
Cell: +265 (0) 212935414/0212935818

Aquarius House
Ground Floor,
P.O. Box 31763, Lilongwe
Tel: 01770080/044,
Fax 01770058
Cell: 0212935717/0212835515

Mzuzu Hotel First Floor
Private bag 231

Cell: 0999954759/0999835414


Countrywide Car Hire Ltd

Countrywide Car Hire Ltd is an Indigenous Malawian owned, incorporated car hire business. It has operated for more than 15 years. It was established in response to the need for a new reliable and affordable fleet of vehicles in the car hire industry in Malawi. As a car hire specialist across Malawi We believe that providing excellent customer service and delivering car hire at great value, with competitive prices is what our customers are looking for when renting a car, and thus what Countrywide Car Hire stands for. Our headquarters is in Blantyre at Plantation House ground floor next to chayamba Building .We also have two other branches , In Lilongwe we are at KIA and at City Centre opposite Reserve Bank of Malawi. In Mzuzu we are at Mzuzu Hotel First floor. We are yet to open a branch in Zomba as well.

We have a range of brand new vehicles from Toyota Malawi ,CFAO, Automotive, Stansfield comprising of, Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 4 x 4, Toyota Hilux 4 x 2, Toyota Prado's VX, Toyota Prado's GX, Toyota Land cruiser GX, Toyota Coaster 30 Seater, Toyota Hiace ,Toyota Corolla, Toyota Fortuner, Suzuki Jimny ,Suzuki Vitara, Nissan Teana, Nissan Sunny, Latest VW Amarok, Latest VW Tiguan ,VW Jetta ,VW Polo and many more

Try us and differentiate with other firms. Countrywide Car Hire will provide you with any type of vehicle wherever you are throughout the country.

For Details, please contact:

Head Office,
Gowa House
Third Floor,
P.O Box 30951
Tel: +265 1772 581
Cell + 265 0999545484, +265 0212250869


It is purely a Malawian owned registered car hire company. It was established in the sense that to increase transportation and also if there is need for a new reliable and affordable vehicles in the car hire sector in Malawi. We believe to provide excellent, professional and high class services and delivering good cars for hire at maximum level, with competitive rates to the customer need. We provide what our customers request and looking for when hiring a vehicle, and therefore what Mame Car Hire is all about. Our office is in Lilongwe at Gowa House third floor next to National Bank, Capital City, City Centre. We have plans to open branches ,In all airports KIA and Chileka, in Blantyre City also in Mzuzu. We have also dedicated team of staff who are well trained , experienced conversant with the road network of Malawi and the Malawi tourist product as a whole.

We have a wide range of new vehicles reliable ones like Toyota Prados, Toyota Saloons, Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 4 x 4 D4Ds, Toyota Hilux 4 x 2, Toyota Land cruiser, Toyota Coaster 30 Seater, Toyota Hiace ,Toyota Corolla, Toyota Quantum Minibuses, Toyota Fortuner, and many more from Toyotas Malawi ,CFAO, Automotive, Stansfield.

Try us and see the difference with other firms. Mame Car Hire will provide you with any type of vehicle wherever you are from North to Southern region of the country

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P.O Box 336,

For more information contact

The Managing Director
Planet Car Hire
P.O. Box 742,

Tel: +265 (0) 1 753 121/124
Mobile: +265 (0) 999 958 168
+265 (0) 999 957 531
+265 (0) 888 511 572


We are located in Tithokoze House on Murray Road, opposite City of Lilongwe, Fire Brigade offices in the Old Town.

We offer a wide variety of vehicles for hire ranging from saloon cars, 4 x 4s, pick ups, minibuses and trucks at some of the most competitive prices in the country.





P.O. Box 30480,

Tel: +265 (0) 1 795 196;
+265 (0) 1 750 695
Fax: +265 (0) 1 773 685


Skywave Car Rentals are an established and well-known Car Hire Company based in Lilongwe, the Capital City of Malawi.

We offer professional and high-class car hire services in the transport sector; a vital element in the tourism industry.

We have a dedicated team of staff who are well trained, experienced and conversant with the road network of Malawi and the Malawi tourist product as a whole.

Our fleet consists of a wide range of excellent vehicles ranging from saloon vehicles, four wheel drive (4 X 4) vehicles as well as comfortable 28 seater minibuses.

If you are looking for efficient car hire services - look no further- we are there for you.

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Sputnik Car Hire
PO Box 2315,

Tel: +265 (0) 1 761 563 (24 Hours)
Capital Hotel: +265 (0) 1 771 013 (direct);
+265 (0) 1 773 388 Ext 414
Lilongwe Int'l Airport: (0)1 700 676
After Hours:+265 (0) 888 832 139
+265 (0)999 950 354
Fax: +265 (0) 1 761 578
Based at the Le Méridien Capital Hotel in Lilongwe, Sputnik Car Hire is one of the main car hire companies in Malawi. The range of vehicles offered include Toyota Starlet, Toyota Corolla 1.3, Mazda 323, Nissan Sunny 1.5, Executive Toyota Camry, Toyota Corona, 15-seater Minibus, 26-seater Minibus, Toyota Pickup (3 tonner), Toyota Hilux Surf, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4.

SS Rent-a-Car
20 Glyn Jones Rd,
P.O. Box 2282,

Tel: +265 (0) 1 822 836/ 821 597

Kamuzu International Airport(by arrangement only)
+265 (0) 888 829 322
+265 (0) 999 829 322


Being the oldest car hire company in Malawi, We set the trend, We established standards and We operate the largest and newest car fleet, ranging country wide, from the small to the executive, to utility, to 4WD and trucks! Our range includes Toyota Nissan and Misubishi four wheel drives and off roaders, 16 and 26 seat buses and offcourse motorbikes for the fun loving!

Having 30 years plus of experience places us head and shoulders above the rest in providing a service truly second to none! Having pioneered the industry, we are more than able to stay on the cutting edge of the playing field establishing an aura which combines comfort with reliability and value for money.

P.O. Box 40112,

Tel: +265 (0) 1 752 828 ;
Tel / Fax: +265 (0) 1 753 050

Zoom Car Hire was established in October 2000. The company owns a fleet of approximately 52 cars of all types, ranging from saloon cars to 4 X 4's and trucks. The company is based in Blantyre and there is a branch office in Lilongwe.

he Blantyre office is located off Moir Crescent road, Kristwick, Ginnery Corner.

The Lilongwe Office is located in the Mai Aisha Trust building opposite Crossroads complex in Lilongwe.

Blantyre Office:
Tel: +265 (0) 1 874 889/809
Fax: +265 (0) 1 675 725
Mobile: +265 (0) 888 827 280
+265 (0) 888 842 835

Lilongwe Office:
Tel: +265 (0) 1 750 892/891
Fax: +265 (0) 1 750 014
Mobile: +265 (0) 888 872 820
+265 (0) 888 356 714


axa bus services















P.O. Box 782,


TEL: +265 (0) 1 876 000
+265 (0) 1 874 254
+265 (0) 1 873 096
FAX: +265 (0) 1 872 497
+265 (0) 1 873 096

Axa Coach Services

AXA Coach Service is Malawi’s current largest passenger transport company. The Company has been in operation for 1 and a half years now, since the company operated its first service on 14th December, 2006. The Company is run by a professional team of Managers who are experienced in their line of duties. Though the period the company has been in operation seem to be short, the professional way the company is run has enhanced its stability on the market.

The Company started with just 3 Coaches. In September, 2007 the fleet grew to 6 and in December, 2007 the fleet was again doubled to 18. Currently the company operate domestic services, covering almost the entire Malawi. AXA operate three type of services namely; Executive Coach, Luxury Coach, City Trouper and Country Commuter.


A premier non-stop service between Blantyre and Lilongwe, tailor made for the Executives. It is a full house Coach with Personalised Air conditioning, Toilet on board, fully upholstered sank-in Velvet reclining seats, Coffee percolator, TV and DVD facilities, enough leg room, serving Snacks and Drinks along the way. You also get our latest on-board magazine, the Lifestyle for your reading pleasure. Fare is K2,800 instant Ticket and K2,700 Advance booking offer.


 Second from Executive Coach are the two services. They are confortable coaches which offers Fully upholstered reclining seats, personalised air conditioning, TV and DVD facilities and enough leg room. Each

passenger gets a latest copy of the on board Magazine, the Lifestyle.

The Coaches service the Blantyre Mzuzu route and the Blantyre – Karonga route. The Coaches makes limited stops at all district centres. The fare to Mzuzu is K2,600 instant and K2,500 advance booking offer, and to Karonga is K3,600 instant and K3,500 advance booking offer.


It is an upper class standard bus, stage courier service using state of the art newly acquired buses with MP3 Music facilities. It connects all districts and major centres across Malawi. Current routes for Country Commuter are Blantyre to Dwambazi via Balaka, Blantyre to Santhe via Lilongwe, Blantyre to Mzuzu via Lakeshore, Muloza boarder to Mwami boarder via Lilongwe, Lilongwe to Mzuzu via Lakeshore, Lilongwe to Mzuzu via

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